Beer List

Beer List

Mahou black

Munich type beer of Central European style, with a thick head and full bodied, slightly bitter with a touch of liquorice 5.5 ° 33 cl

Alhambra Reserva 1925

Extra quality fully handcrafted beer. Full bodied head with a fluffy texture. Amber Golden and lightly toasted aromas. 6.4 º 33 cl

Grimbergen Double

Toasted Abbey beer of strong fermentation, full bodied and reddish. Warm and sweet flavor that complements very well with meat dishes. Double brewing, first in casks and then in barrels. 6.5 ° 33 cl

Grimbergen Blonde

Abbey beer of strong fermentation, originally brewed by the monks at Grimbergen Abbey for high society. Ochre, grey and gold tones of fruity flavour with a hint of malta and a thick white head. 6.7 ° 33 cl

Kronenbourg 1664

This beer was brewed for the first time in 1952 to commemorate the crowning of Queen Elisabeth II of England. Made with hops Strisselspalt, exclusive of the Alsace region and known as the caviar of the hops. 5th 33 cl

Premium Wasteiner true

Beer brewed from 1753 following the German rule of purity with the best ingredients and the most advanced technology. Pilsen type beer of very mild flavor and golden bright colour with slightly sour twist. 4.8 ° 33 cl

König Ludwig Weissbier

Considered the best white beer in the world and named after King Louis I of Bavaria. White wheat beer very fermented, bitter and fresh, with a wide range of fruity scents. It is frothy and especially pleasant. Refreshing, tasty and complex. 5.5 ° 50 cl

Warsteiner Premium Fresh

Authentic Pilsen without alcohol, one of the most awarded in the world. Soft tone and slightly harsh taste. The particular dealcoholization process helps to preserve its excellent taste. Perfect when alcohol is inappropriate. 0 ° 33 cl