Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

To start the day and tea time

  • Nespresso or tea with a toast
  • Nespresso or tea with pastries
  • Nespresso or tea with a pintxo
  • Nespresso or tea with Basque label eggs fried with ham or bacon or chorizo or chistrorra (red sausages)
  • Nespresso or tea with omelette of ham or ham and cheese or cured ham or baby vegetables

  • Grilled Toast of brioche bread
  • Grilled Toasts of home made bread
  • Croissant plain or grilled with butter and jam
  • Chocolate bun
  • Home made Doughnut with sugar
  • Traditional Butter Bun of Bilbao
  • The traditional lifelong chocolate cake


  • Fresh orange juice
  • Fruit juice
  • Cola Cao (Chocolate powder drink)
  • Chocolate Mikshake
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Batido natural de vainilla

Black Tea

Black tea comes from the same strand of green tea after a heat and temperature controlled process of fermentation. This tea is set aside by its taste, astringent properties and highest concentration of theine.


  • English Breakfast BOP

Famous English blend composed of broken strands of Assam (India) and Sumatra (Indonesia), characterized by its astringency, body and aftertaste. Ideal for breakfast, accompanied by milk and, maybe, sugar.

  • Masala Chai

"Masala Chai", which in hindi means "Spiced Tea", consists of a base of black tea with body (Assam), to which a series of spices are added and that define the character of this preparation (cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom and black pepper). This traditional Indian tea is ideal to have with milk; at breakfast or in the afternoon.

  • Earl Grey

One of the best known and most successful British blends. Its origin (one of the theories) goes back to when the Earl of Grey, very fond of tea, ordered a shipment of black tea to England. On the boat, by mistake, it got mixed with a few barrels of oil of bergamot, resulting in a new blend that has lasted to our days. Usually taken plain, it admits milk. Its consumption is most suitable in the afternoon.

  • Darjeeling FTGFOP1

Pure black tea from the Indian region of Darjeeling, at the foot of the Himalayas. This type of black teas are the most exquisite and appreciated there. Characterized by its floral fragrance and delicate and nuanced flavor. Plain, without milk. Suitable as evening tea

Blue Tea

  • Azul has Odolong

Oolong tea, which is also known as blue tea, is a tea only partially fermented from Taiwan and China. It is set aside by its amazing dairy flavor, its diuretic ability, satiating and antioxidant properties.

Red Tea Pu Erh

It is called red tea or Pu Erh a variety of tea produced in china Prefecture Pu'er, region of Yunnan. It is a type of postfermented tea which is known for its high diuretic ability, stimulating, fat burning and cholesterol regulating capacity

  • Pu Erh

Pure Red tea Pu Erh from Yunnan (China). Slightly earthy taste. Suitable in the morning. Mainly to have plain, although it allows for some milk, especially of soy or vegetable origin.

  • Mango Passion Fruit

Tasty and refreshing red Pu Erh tea flavoured with mango and passion fruit. Suitable also in the morning or late afternoon, without milk.

White Tea

White tea is the buds and leaves at the branches of the tea tree. This type of tea, originating from the Chinese region of Fujian, is recognized for being the one that has greater concentration of antioxidants and its low rate of theine.

Superior Tan Pai Mu

White tea of great quality and subtle floral aroma composed of the first row leaves and a lot of tea buds. To have plain in the evening.

Green Tea

Green tea is the fresh and not yet fermented leaf of camellia sinensis. It has a herbaceous flavor and slightly sweet, a low concentration of theine and powerful antioxidant, mineralizing and purifying properties.

  • Sencha

Delicate pure green cooked tea from China; taste slightly sweet, fruity and astringent free . Ideal in the evening.

  • Moorish

A blend of the countries of the Maghreb and, in particular, of Morocco; It is composed of green tea powder and Mint. Taste very refreshing and perfect to be had plain or with a dash of milk. Great in the afternoon with a sweet or salty snack.

  • Jasmine Green Tea

Tasty, delicate and fragrant green tea flavoured with petals and natural oil of jasmine. To have in the afternoon.